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Affiliations and Contributors


American Breaking Combative TaeKwonDo Federation was founded my Master Zambri and is a growing association. IDMMA is proud to be an active member of this group.


Advantedge Martial Arts

AdvantEdge Martial Arts is run by Daniel Edgeman in Dade City Fl, We are proud to be affiliated with AdvantEdge Martial Arts. This is a growing venture between the two schools. 

Breakwondo - Orlando

Iron Dragon MMA is proud to be affiliated with Master Nick Zambri and Team Breakwondo Orlando.  

Boost 365 Energy

Boost 365 was designed with our kids in mind. Active kids and adults will at one point take an energy supplement. So we designed one that is good for you and helps treat the symptoms.
90% of the US population is B12 deficient. B12 helps maintain your energy levels, helps produce red blood cells, Supports mental and Emotional Stability.
By taking BOOST 365 you are increasing the amount of B12 in your system and this, along with the combination of BCAAs and Minerals, is where the added ENERGY and RECOVERY comes from. After your workout when your tired and rundown. BOOST 365 will help speed up that recovery.

(727) 364-8568

Iron Dragon MMA

Martial Arts for ALL!!

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