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Classes we offer
About Iron Dragon MMA

Iron Dragon MMA is a community based, family, oriented Taekwondo studio. Our fundamental program is based on ITF Taekwondo with our self-defense based on multiple other martial arts styles. We pride ourselves in being very open to other styles of Martial Arts and hosting seminars to showcase other styles.
We offer our students the knowledge to improve their self-confidence, mental awareness, and physical abilities in order to lead healthier lives and defend themselves, friends and families if the need arises.
Iron Dragon MMA teaches our students how to not only defend themselves and protect others but also how to CONTROL their temper and CONTROL their ability based on each situation. 100% of all altercations or self-defense situations start standing up, we teach them to CONTROL the situation.

Class Schedules

TKD/Cardio classes
Mon - Thur: 5pm - 8pm
Friday: 5pm-7:30pm


Sat/Sun: 10am-11am

Come train with us.

Classes we offer

Self defense

ITF Taekwondo

People from across Pasco county turn to Iron Dragon MMA when they’re looking for the opportunity to learning and succeed in something new and exciting. Our main curriculum is based on ITF Taekwondo. You will learn how to defend yourself as you progress. Martial arts is a progression of skills. We blend a number of different styles into our curriculum as you progress in our program. Classes are available for everyone age 3yrs and up.


Full body workout

Cardio Fitness

Our cardio fitness class is designed for everyone from beginner to advanced. YOU AGAINST YOU! These classes are available for both adults and kids 7 and up. Classes are geared towards cardio, strength, and kickboxing.

MMA BX (2).jpg

Fundamentals of boxing


Boxing/MMA classes - Cuban Olympic style boxing and MMA ground work.


Combat Ju-Jutsu

Japanese Ju-Jutsu

Japanese Jujutsu class conducted by Senior Combative Ju-Jutsu

For more detailed information about Iron Dragon MMA and the programs we offer please contacts us below.